Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello Goodbye.

The place I live in,there are several times snows in one season.
But it did not snow this year.
I met a new friend such as the snowman yesterday.
I said "Hello!"to him.

We have an encounters and partings in our life.
Leo who was one of my friends left today toward Sao Paulo.
Thor of the friend lives in Sao Paulo.
I do not know whether they meet each other.
But I will think delightfully if I see them appearing in one photograph.

This street is just where I met him many times.
Good bye and Good luck Leo. See again after so long 5 years!
I called this street "Leo road".

The Beatles Hello Goodbye

Mary Hopkin - Goodbye

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Uncle from Tokyo

My uncle Makoto come from Tokyo.He is the creator of picture book and illust.
The reason that he came is a sake of the advertising of picture book "mole and wild cat".
We were taken a photograph together, when I just felt the embarrassment and the joy.

He has two little kids.And my mom told a story to him written in the book of German somebody.

"If you have baby, I wish you live with a dog.
The dog not only plays with your child but also protects from every dangers for the infanthood of the child.
When your child is adolescence, the dog shows preciousness of the life to your child by own death.
When your child grows up and became an adult, I wish you live with a dog once again.
The dog reminds you of the pleasure of the child care at the age of a puppy.
When you got old, the dog will show the way of finishing life to you by own death."
I thought the meaning of our death to be the last thank for the person who took care of and lived with us.

Front cover of "mole and wild cat"

Hanson - Teach Your Children